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What were the homeowners looking to achieve? What were the issues with the old outdoor space? 

The homeowners were looking for a more usable space for entertaining family and friends. The yard had too much unused space and no real interest!

What was your biggest inspiration in redesigning this particular house and outdoor space? 

This particular homeowner is very sports-oriented and was very interested in creating a space for everyone to enjoy, adults and kids alike.

How do you connect nature with an outdoor living space? 

We connected nature to the outdoor space by adding planting material along the back of the island and added decorative pots on the stone patio, as well as adding planting pockets in the patio.

When and why did you choose Twin Eagles built-in grills and accessories for the outdoor kitchen? 

We used a Twin Eagles built-in grill and accessories because it’s a trusted brand, has a great price point, and is great quality. It looks great, too!

What trends have you noticed in outdoor kitchen design recently? 

That people like to be outdoors more. This seems to be because so many of us work indoors and don’t have much opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors as often as we would like. This gives everyone easy access to the outdoors with all the amenities!

How is your firm incorporating these new trends?

We suggest to our clients that by incorporating this outdoor island/outdoor living space idea that they will be creating a social event space, as well as a private space for close family and friends. This way they will be able enjoy the outdoors more and get back to nature without losing the convenience of outdoor cooking and entertaining.