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Emile Henry Large Rectangular Pizza, Grilling, and Baking Stone ($60) via

Crafted from all natural materials, this grilling and baking stone makes whipping up a pizza on the grill easier than ever. Available in your choice of charcoal or burgundy.

Twin Eagles 36” Outdoor Gas Grill via 

The ultimate in upscale grilling, out 36” outdoor grill offers zone dividers to regulate different temperatures, an easy-to-open hood assist system, and interior lights with a hood-activated light switch for nighttime grilling.

Volcanica Wood Boat Candle ($101) via 

Carved by hand, this polished teak candle features eco-friendly, aromatic beeswax. The perfect centerpiece for an outdoor meal.

Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook ($35) via 

Upgrade your outdoor dining menu with tantalizing recipes like food writer Gail Simmons’ Charred Pineapple Margarita and chef Naomi Pomeroy’s Hanger Steak & Tomato Salad.

Michael Aram Dogwood Serving Set ($100) via

Inspired by flowering dogwood, this is the prettiest stainless steel serving set you’ll ever see! Durable and perfect for spring.

Beatriz Ball Garden Banana Leaf Platter ($468) via

Make a dramatic statement with this extra large, nature-inspired serving platter. Oven and freezer friendly.